Building a more sustainable future for a smart living

Being the protagonist for Smart Energy

KNX Energy Management is a proactive approach with the goal to supply optimized energy usage according to the needs of users at any given time. This same system can also decide what is the best thing to do with the energy in the home or building, starting from its generation through to whether it should be consumed or stored, according to the key parameters of being efficient and preferring energy from renewable sources.

Why it matters

The days of having a passive role on sustainability are over; proactivity is now key, so each of us is responsible of developing a greener footprint.

order Lyrica samples For the planet

The most obvious one: we have just one planet we must take care of. We work on Earth, we live on Earth, and we must protect it to keep it as beautiful as we like.

For companies

To create long-term value in a competitive world in where audiences, users, and clients demand higher commitment to companies.


If you are ready to take the next step on sustainability, we are coming with you

Real devices
for real solutions

Energy Meter by ABB

Energy consumption awareness is key to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency on your machines and electrical assets. Energy meters allow you to run smarter buildings in a more energy and cost efficient manner.

Battery Storage Unit by Sonnen

A high-tech storage system that allows to cover about 75% of the yearly energy requirement with self-produced and clean energy. Since this energy is being generated on the roof and not by some anonymous energy provider it enables a more independent management of energy consumption.

E-Charging Station by Enertex GmbH

A single compact unit to supply your inner and outer lines at the same time. With unique performance and efficiency values. With measuring and diagnostic functions and an integrated real-time clock with a power reserve.

KNX Gateway for Solar Inverters

The KNX gateway for solar panel inverters provides a simple solution to transfer all relevant data from inverters to KNX. It is compatible with inverters from the brands SMA, SolarEdge, Fronius and Huawei. It allows integrators to take benefit from a fully integrated solar panel inverter for energy management. Data can be used to optimise energy consumption, monitoring, trending or to trigger specific actions in the KNX installation. The device is DIN-rail mounted and connects to the inverter over the local Ethernet network.

Energy Meter by Lingg & Janke

These devices offer long-term data recording, further processing of the energy data, data read-out and representation in standard web browser, usage of data for consumption billing, and remote diagnosis.

E-Charging Station by ISE GmbH

A clever way to e-charge for electric vehicles. Ecological, economical, and individual charging, with a charging station that can adapt to the needs of your electric grid. An always informed charging remotely via KNX. From where you want to and the way you want to.

Smart Meter Gateway by Theben AG

Intelligent measuring systems with sustainable interoperability, maximum data security, maximum investment protection, multi-client capability, and easy to install.

myGEKKO OS for Energy Management Solutions by Ekon GmbH

The myGEKKO OS offers simple integration of energy management in new and existing KNX systems. It provides efficient, tariff-dependent energy management that links a wide variety of consumers, ensuring load shedding and optimization of electrical systems. Additionally, it incorporates the latest energy management needs, including charging management for e-mobility, photovoltaics, and energy storage.

Building a more efficient future together

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An energetic action to better energy management thanks to KNX



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Enabling collaboration to take Energy management to the next level

Joost Demarest, CFO and CTO of KNX Association, discusses the need for energy management and how KNX and its members are playing a role to realise a sustainable future for our planet.