Interdisciplinary energy management

Energy management is now coming into the spotlight, as Klaus Ott of Lingg & Janke observes. The company offers, in addition to other products, KNX-enabled smart meter products for electricity, gas, water, heating and cooling.

KNX smart meters are not really a new topic for Klaus Ott, product manager at Lingg & Janke. The product range of Lingg & Janke already covers a broad spectrum of applications: from the measurement of electricity to gas, water, heat and cold. Lingg & Janke made the first electricity meters KNX-compatible as early as 2006. Then heat and water meters were added, and in 2008 the first gas meters.

”So we have been able to gather a wealth of experience over a number of years”, says Klaus Ott happily.
”Now energy management is clearly coming into the spotlight. We are already looking forward to the projects that will come from this field.”

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