Home Energy Management System (HEMS) with the “EisBär”

With the rise of electric mobility over the last few years, it is now becoming increasingly imminent to also consider charging points for electric vehicles in the Home Energy Management System (HEMS) in the Smart Home. How can the energy that is produced in-house be used most effectively in the Smart Home? “Of course, this has to be made convenient for the users”, explains Rene Rieck. “With our software-hardware package “EisBär HEMS”, a fully operational energy management system is available, we can immediately start with it.”


EisBär HEMS is, essentially, an intelligent system that looks after the distribution, storage, and usage of energy to maximize energy efficiency and safety. EisBär’s algorithms take into account all the energy generators and consumers to minimize electricity consumption costs. It is also possible to tap into cloud computing to employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to make predictions about future energy consumption behaviour and adjust the system accordingly.


Rene Rieck explains the two main methods of integrating electric vehicle charging poles into a home energy management system: Static and Dynamic load management. Here, he also describes how dynamic load management is advantageous and can provide smarter energy management overall.

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