How EV chargers help in increasing customers for your business

Among the leaders of most of the European countries, there is a growing concern about the carbon emissions from vehicles as they look to meet their climate targets. The European Union has proposed a plan to phase out new gas-powered internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035. This means the foundations of the future of e-mobility need to be set today.

One of the biggest concerns about the adoption of electric vehicles is the lack of infrastructure to charge vehicles. However, the governments recognise this issue and are ready to invest heavily in building the necessary infrastructure. In 2021, Germany announced an investment of 5.5 billion euros  for electric-car charging infrastructure, while the British government announced a 1.3 billion pounds investment to install EV chargers by 2025. 

As the governments take these initiatives to speed up the EV adoption for a greener mobility, businesses can also contribute to this revolution by investing in EV charging stations. Apart from the obvious benefits for the environment, this also has benefits for the business itself as it can help drive more customers to them. Here is how your company should bet on chargers for electric vehicles to help you increase customers. Fostering consumer loyalty:

Going green isn’t just a short trend that will fade away. It is the need of the hour and it has seeped into the collective minds of the people. Sustainability has become an influential factor when consumers are choosing a brand or even making lifestyle choices. By installing EV chargers on your business’ premises, you are conveying that the brand has chosen to go green. This elevates the perception of your brand and its reputation among people and can also help you gain recognition. 


cheap prednisone for dogs Boosting footfall to your store or outlet:

Few years ago, free WiFi was not as common and stores or cafes that offered them became a favourite among the people to visit. On similar lines, the availability of charging stations can act as a differentiation for your business and become one of the early players to be associated with such a feature. So even if EV chargers become more widespread and other businesses start having their own over the course of years, your brand can still be the first that comes to mind of people when thinking about businesses with charging stations.

Additionally, the owners of electric cars have higher levels of disposable income and can be big spenders. This means that once you have a EV owner, chances are higher that you can make good sales as the charging time of electric cars are longer than 30 minutes at the very least. Also, having a charging station means that you can have your business or outlet become visible on maps for people searching for nearby charging stations. This draws in newer and otherwise missed clients to your business.

EV charging station is an important piece of the puzzle in making the future of our planet more sustainable but that doesn’t mean they are investments without benefits. Businesses can benefit from investing in them in the short and long term.