Energy Management Standardisation


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) have laid out a defined set of instructions that need to be followed for efficient implementation and maintenance of energy management practices among organizations and businesses. KNX is actively involved in the EN 50491-12-x standard series and the second part will specify which data will be exchanged between the Customer Energy Manager (CEM) and the Resource Managers (RM) at the premises.

Customer Energy Manager (CEM) are interfaces between the grid and the building’s energy devices that regulate and manage the energy supply. The Customer Energy Manager (CEM) is the central brain in the installation, aware of the energy needed by devices (consumption devices such as heating/cooling systems) or the energy made available by devices in the building (production devices such as photovoltaic systems) and control the energy flow. These systems can also factor in energy storage units such as PV or Lithium-ion batteries.


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