KNX IoT and KNX Classic How charging poles and storage batteries are integrated into KNX

Energy management via KNX already works today – now energy storage and charging of electric cars are also being integrated.

Joost Demarest, CTO of KNX, explained in his keynote speech at the online event “Smart Energy Management with KNX” how this is done. He also went into detail about a novelty especially for Germany: The so-called control box, which sits behind the smart meter gateway, will soon be KNX-capable; the Forum Netztechnik/Netzbetrieb im VDE (VDE FNN) is already working on the corresponding appendix to the specifications.

But what is energy management in the first place? Wikipedia defines the term as follows: The planning and operation of energy production and consumption with the goals of conserving resources, protecting the climate – at the lowest possible cost.

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