How KNX optimises Electric Vehicle Charging in Smart Homes


Energy transition, climate protection, sector coupling – these keywords point to a turning point in the energy industry. There is a higher focus on energy management with the goal to transform homes, transport, infrastructure and industries to become more sustainable, for which KNX has built energy management solutions for each of these sectors.


As the prominence of electric vehicles grows, the prevalence of charging stations for these electric cars become a necessity. Households can take up EV charger installation in their homes to not only charge their electric cars with it but also act as a source of electricity in the grid. 

KNX’s building automation systems along with KNX IoT services provides not only intelligent charging stations for electric cars but also an enhanced energy management system thanks to Customer Energy Manager (CEM) that acts as an interface between the grid and the smart home. This helps in improving the energy efficiency of homes/buildings as well as of the grid.


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