Benefits & Functions of KNX’s Energy Management Solutions


Energy management is the optimization of energy consumption to achieve better energy efficiency and conservation. Though energy management solutions are more common for businesses and industries, even households can adopt them to take a proactive approach to be independent and a part of a sustainable city.


While sustainable homes have become more popular and sought after, people are now looking to progress into becoming self-sustainable. By relying on their own self-generated electricity, not only does the economical proposition seem enticing but the ecological impact as well.
Homes and buildings can have more than one energy source such as a solar battery and the energy management system can provide a reliable flow of energy. Moreover, the energy consumption data from energy meters are safe and protected with KNX Secure.


The KNX systems provide smart meters that can be retrofitted to existing measurement equipment in buildings and homes. This takes that additional barrier to adopt energy management practices. This way building management systems can be installed or enhanced to better monitor and control energy consumption. Additionally, with a secure distributed and communication network, multiple buildings can be managed for smart building control

KNX envisions a future where mobility is carbon neutral and for which it promotes the adoption of electric vehicles and EV charging stations. These EV chargers whether commercial or household can also be energy sources for the neighbouring power grid, thus, improving the reliability of the grids and increasing the value of these charging stations. Demand-side management is integrated into KNX systems which helps in stability and lowering costs.


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