Energy management with Lingg & Janke smart meters for electricity, gas, water, heating, and cooling (German Only)

Sustainability has become one of the primary approaches that need to be adopted not only by businesses or industries but also by individuals. In order to progress towards a more sustainable and environemental-friendly approach, minimizng and optimizing the energy consumption is vital. The first step to such energy management is with the measurement of the energy consumption and identification of opportunities to improve energy efficiency.


Smart meter devices enable such monitoring of energy consumption and they have been a topic of expertise for Klaus Ott from Lingg & Janke. The smart meter company offers a comprehensive range of KNX energy meters for monitoring energy consumption for electricity, gas, water, heating, and cooling.


Klaus Ott explains how these KNX-enabled energy meters function in their various applications (electricity, gas, water, heating, and cooling) and their ease in installation that removes many barriers towards smart energy management.