EibPC²: A central unit that simplifies home energy management

Enertex Bayern specialises in energy management in automated homes and has developed the new EibPC² that makes communication among devices and systems much easier. This central unit not only helps connect the various devices that follow varied protocols but also control the charging poles and the entire systems, as well as the visualisation and automation of the KNX system.


As households move towards a more sustainable energy consumption, wallboxes, charging stations for electric vehicles, are also becoming more prominent. The EibPC² software update allows the connection of smart EV chargers from different manufacturers and thus, be controlled as a whole. Executing different charging strategies is now possible to improve energy efficiency as up to five charging points can be integrated.


Home solar systems give the opportunity to households to be self-sustainable and make it a truly smart home. Depending on the time of the day, energy demand, and other factors, different strategies can be employed to charge vehicles, optimize the usage of self-generated energy, or perform load shedding. And in order to provide better coordination among devices, the central unit of EibPC² can be integrated with smart meters. This way


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