Integrate up to five electric vehicle charging poles in KNX

For smart energy management in buildings and homes, coordination among various power sources and outlets is vital. This is especially true when charging stations for electric vehicles are involved. There are many EV chargers manufacturers and each one has its own interface, which can cause trouble for system integrators during installation. SMART CONNECT KNX e-charge II has been developed by ise to tackle this issue specifically.


With the “SMART CONNECT KNX e-charge II”, ise integrates electric mobility into the KNX bus – regardless of the manufacturer of the charging poles. The charging stations from some of the well-known manufacturers, including ABB, ABL, ebee, KEBA, Mennekes, and Stöhr, can be conveniently connected to the KNX bus, in the same way, every time. It supports 26 different charging poles from 7 manufacturers.


Apart from easing the installation procedure, the SMART CONNECT KNX e-charge II also simplifies usage as well. The convenience for end-users is amplified by a number of features such as parallel control, prioritisation of charging poles, remote access & notification, access to a preferred visualization of all the various charging poles and many more such functionalities.


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