Applications of KNX Smart Energy Management Solutions


As the need for sustainability becomes more apparent in our lives and how we function, the concept of energy management becomes key to adopting a sustainable approach to energy consumption. The concept of smart energy management is currently more prevalent among larger organizations and institutions with a goal to achieve improved energy efficiency for them. However, it can still be taken up at an individual level that contributes to energy conservation.


KNX looks at various considerable facets of energy consumption that can impact all the efforts made to build an energy-efficient society and how our solutions for each of these facets help in energy management are aligned with that goal sustainable future.


Energy generation: With demand-side management, the process of energy management starts right at the beginning of the chain. KNX offers solutions that stabilize the fluctuations from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy.


Buildings and Infrastructure: Each building (residential, commercial, or industrial) can achieve energy optimization with energy meter devices that allow measurement and monitoring of its energy consumption.  These individual buildings together form an efficient infrastructure that can communicate among its constituents. Smart meters from KNX as well as communication and management technologies are built with the goal of enabling energy management


Mobility: Mobility is sure to undergo a massive shift with the adoption of electric vehicles on a larger scale. However, for the widespread and impactful growth of electric vehicles, the infrastructure of charging stations to support it is needed along with the highly efficient storage of renewable energy. KNX has a range of products that promotes the adoption of electric vehicles.

Smart Cities: Energy generation, transportation, buildings, and infrastructure all come together to set the basis for a smart city. For energy management systems, information and communication technology (ICT) will be an essential element of smart grids and infrastructure in the future. KNX energy management solutions take a comprehensive consideration that not only ensures convenience but also optimizes energy efficiency


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