KNX Smart Energy Summit – Sector interconnection is key for Energy Management Growth

Making homes energy efficient has been a priority for KNX for 30 years – now the KNX Association is moving full speed ahead into energy management. With the objective of showing what KNX can already do today and what KNX is currently working on in order to fully integrate energy management – including the charging infrastructure for e-vehicles – the KNX Association has launched the event series “KNX Smart Energy Summit”.

In this edition, Heinz Lux, CEO of the KNX Association, describes how the next frontier for energy management adoption is sector interconnection. Smart grids must consider the various sectors that will play into the future of a sustainable city. Some of these sectors are smart homes & buildings, electromobility, energy generators and storage facilities.


Lux points out how the energy consumption of buildings plays an important role in the energy balance of an economy as evidenced by the fact that 40% of operating costs during the lifetime of a building are spent on energy. He emphasizes that for a successful energy transition for a sustainable future, the houses and buildings need to be more energy-efficient and adopt energy management practices. More information about the project HERE.